PantherProwLs Enterprises

~Welcome to PantherProwLs Enterprises~

I am PantherProwLs.  My slave, Embers, (aka PanthersPrey), and I design, handcraft, and sell a variety of implements of sensation creation ranging from the soft and sensual to the extremely intense; some of which are unique to PantherProwLs Enterprises.

We began in 2003 creating designs and products. Our reputation is based on Quality.  Using the finest materials and workmanship, all work is done “in-house” to maintain the highest standards that our clients expect and trust.  We design and build all our products on the premise that you will have them in your toy bag and be using them 10 or more years from now.

Very few things thrill us more than seeing someone using a flogger, a cat, or MiniTail that they purchased from us years ago, and watching them have a wonderful scene.  Or hearing from someone how much they enjoyed using (or being on the receiving end of) one of our products.

No, We don't have the least expensive prices.  We believe you should INVEST in your implements of choice.

To that end, we will continue making the highest quality products for your enjoyment at prices that are competitive in the marketplace.  When you are using our products years from now, you'll be pleased in your choice to invest wisely and purchase from PantherProwLs Enterprises.

We back our products with this simple promise: if it ever fails due to materials or workmanship, we will fix it or replace it. 
Yes, it really is that simple.

We also offer various educational opportunities on a wide selection of skills and BDSM Lifestyle topics. 

More information will be coming soon, so do check back often. 

Thank you for visiting!!! Enjoy!!!!

 PantherProwLs, Embers, and House Panthera Onca