PantherProwLs Enterprises

PantherProwLs is pleased to offer a variety of products which can be customized or personalized, such as collars, restraints and knife sheaths.

Custom Collars

Most collars and cuffs made are one-off collars customized for the one to wear them.
Contact for price.

​Hair Restraints

Hair restraints are available with a variety of BDSM labels such as slave, pet, or slut. 

Hair restraints can also be personalized (up to 9 characters)
Price: USD$5.00. 

Knife Sheaths 
Sheaths can be made to fit a variety of knives with customizing available.
Contact for price. 


Leather on one side, fur on the other.  It is approximately 6 x 8 inches, with an unrestrained opening at one end which allows it to easily slip on the hand. This toy is perfect for sensation play or intimate massages.  
A portions of the proceeds from the HercaPaw are donated to support a local No Kill Animal Shelter.
Price: USD$35.00.